JDRF Ambassadors

Aaron Perry
Former professional cyclist, Aaron Perry has been riding bikes since he could walk.  Growing up in Rotorua with some of the best mountain bike trails at his doorstep may have given him an advantage as Aaron has competed in some of the biggest cycling races in the world, all whilst managing T1D.  Aaron was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 16.  Despite this he realized his dream to ride professionally when selected to ride for Team Novo Nordisk, an all T1D professional cycling team.
This led him to partner with JDRF to continue to drive awareness about T1D, supporting fundraising, advocacy and education about Type 1 diabetes.
“I want to share my fight for winning into turning Type One into Type None along with advocacy and show people what may be possible when you have a dream”.
Hamish Yates
Hamish was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 20 years old but having T1D doesn’t dominate his life - quite the opposite in fact.   He took up endurance sport after being diagnosed and has competed in a number of cycling and running events to help raise funds for JDRF.   Hamish is excited to see research getting closer to finding a cure for this condition. “I love being an ambassador for JDRF and helping to raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes here in NZ.   I’m particularly passionate about the interplay between Type 1 diabetes and exercise and enjoy motivating others to pursue physical activity and helping them overcome obstacles along the way.”
Amy Murdoch
Amy is a one of our JDRF advocates, based in Christchurch, NZ.  She has worked on projects with JDRF in Australia before relocating to Christchurch in 2017. Amy comes from a nursing background and has worked for various medical companies such as Sanofi, Medtronic and currently works for Intermed.  Amy has been involved in annual fundraising and awareness campaigns with JDRF since her daughter Sophie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2013.  Amy is driven by her desire for better treatments, support and outcomes for her daughter and everyone else who lives with Type 1 diabetes.